As a fan of National Geographic, I was extremely excited when I got to work on a project for WWF (World Wildlife Fund), to help a big cat—the tiger.  According to WWF, a shocking 97% of the population decline is driven by rampant poaching and habitat loss. The objective for this campaign was to raise public awareness of why tigers are facing extinction and what we can do to stop this. Tigers play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Therefore, the tagline designed conveyed the message that saving tigers directly helps to preserve forests and sustain people.


Campaign Tagline


The next step was to create a wall mural, as well as a standee design for the road show. Collaterals such as a postcard, roll-up banner, door hanger and T-shirt were also created to support the campaign.

Standee & Media Wall


The postcard was designed as a giveaway to raise awareness of the life of rangers and to write messages of encouragement or appreciation for their work on saving tigers. The door hanger was also created as a way for the road show attendees to share and spread information with their friends and family.

the postcard included a perforated section which could be kept as a bookmark with information on how we can do our part!
Door hangers to raise awareness of how tigers need a home like all of us.

Read more about WWF saving tigers’ campaign at WWF Tx2.