The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) officially launched the Nursing Home IT Enablement Programme (NHELP), which allows nursing homes to boost their productivity and improve patient care by using the AIC’s Integrated Referral Management System.

In creating a logo for this program, I had a few ideas in mind which I developed as shown below. The ripple mark calls to mind both the Wi-Fi symbol and the layers of ripple in the AIC logo. The stethoscope’s ear tubes are also drawn to subtly form the shape of a heart to embody the emotive and collaborative nature of care.

After a few rounds of development, the logo adopted the icon of a mouse, in reference to the IT system, alongside a ripple based on the Wi-Fi symbol. The logotype and tagline are set in a typeface family characterised by fluid and friendly letterforms.

After the logo was created, a series of illustrated posters were created for the launch!