Papercrumb is a humble little collective of design, photography, words and random visual experiments. Through this collaboration, we hope to continue inspiring, supporting and motivating each other to keep creating and learning. We also aim to be as purposeful and mindful in our work, which is why we try to share as much of our thought processes as possible.


The Doodler


Born and raised in Malaysia, Lexin picked up drawing at a very young age, starting out by mimicking a range of illustration styles and eventually developing her own, a unique style that is both simple yet intricate and conceptual. With a background in Visual Communications, she has worked in the graphic design industry in Singapore for almost 6 years and specializes in communications collateral for both print and digital platforms.

Lexin believes that inspiration can be found in many places. She is often drawn to delicate handicrafts, meticulous patterns, fine details, mosaic arts and Scandinavian interior design. She loves drawing by hand and her sketchbook is full of haphazard and half-finished ideas.

(Link to Lexin’s portfolio)


The Shutterbug

Nadia BioNadia has always been intrigued by the art of storytelling as well as the beauty of intertwining visuals with words. She discovered photography in her late teens and instantly fell in love with the medium. After completing her diploma in Visual Communications, she worked as a photo studio technician for 3 years before pursuing her Photojournalism degree in the United States.

At the moment, she lives in Seattle with her husband and two cats. Her passions include (in no particular order) food, travel, photography, reading, animals, music from an eclectic mix of genres, and word games.

(Link to Nadia’s portfolio)