I love looking at a sky full of stars. *cue Coldplay lol* Well, I’m sure most people do, but I guess having grown up in such a densely-populated, light-polluted, perpetually hazy urban jungle, I feel like I’ve been so deprived of such a view most of my life that it’s made me really appreciate being able to look up and see the stars now.

Also, another really cool thing about living in Seattle: it is so easy to just hop on a ferry to one of the nearby islands. Which is what Gani and I did last week when we decided to catch the Perseid meteor shower. We packed a blanket, our sleeping bags and some food and caught the sunset ferry to Bainbridge, where we randomly managed to take an Uber to the darkest, westernmost part of the island, found a nice big open field by an observatory and spent the night watching the meteors till we fell asleep. It was a gorgeous crisp night, so peaceful and breathtaking. At several points I felt so completely engulfed by the night sky that I kept experiencing these dizzying sensations of falling.



In the morning, we realized that buses don’t run on weekends so we followed a trail through the forest (really beautiful and woodsy) to get to the main road and then hitched a ride back to the ferry terminal.

I think I’ve found our perfect weekend getaway.

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