OK… wow. So much has happened since my last post and I have missed this space a lot more than I thought I would. Something I’ve come to realize about the sense of satisfaction I personally derive from being an active social media user is this—while it’s fun being able to constantly update on the go using super interactive platforms like Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/etc, it’s also refreshing to occasionally tune out the engagement factor of likes and comments and all that and not have to think about or be reminded of who’s reading my posts. I enjoy blogging and do it for myself because getting my thoughts out here frees up my mind for new ones. I just wish I had more time and discipline to do it regularly.

Anyway, I’m still sorting through my photos so I’ll be back with a proper post (and more visuals) but if you haven’t heard, here’s a brief summary of what happened to me in Russia:

  1. First, my MacBook Pro died an unexpected death on our first day in St. Petersburg. I hadn’t backed up my files in months. Poor Gani tried really hard to cheer me up but I was a dull, mopey, inconsolable mess for several hours that day.
  2. A few days later, I dropped my mobile phone into a public toilet in Kazan. Stuck my bare hand in there to retrieve it, rushed to the sink to clean myself, only to find that there was NO WATER coming out of the tap. Totally the stuff of nightmares.
  3. Despite the above, I had the most amazing, magical time. How is Russia so humongous and yet still such an underrated place?

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