This month has been full of all the good, warm and fuzzy feels. Gani and I hosted three wonderful friends who came all the way out here to see us.

Liz and Tim were among the first few friends I made in Minnesota and have been such a solid foundation in my life ever since. They made a big road trip westward for Tim’s birthday and so could only spend 2-3 days with us before heading back, but those were precious, fun-filled days of eating, exploring and catching up. We even managed to squeeze in a game of Ticket to Ride (which they brought along and left behind)!

Anna is an almost-legit family member since our fur children are siblings (hehe). She had more days to spend with us and is a fan of Portlandia so of course we had to take her to Portland to satiate the raging hipster in her.

I love these people so much and am still basking in all the good vibes they left behind. Here are some visual highlights of our week together:

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