On Saturday, Gani woke me up sounding worried.

“Hey, I think I have an STD.”

“Um, what?” I said, partly confused, partly amused and mostly annoyed at being woken up so early on a Saturday morning, “How would you even get an STD?”

“I don’t know. But look at this.”

Through the haze of my drowsiness, I saw angry red blisters all over his face and chest. Shit, I thought. Looks like chicken pox.

We rushed to see a doctor, who confirmed it was most likely chicken pox. We were advised to quarantine ourselves for at least a week. The timing could not be worse—Gani was supposed to be having his final exams in 3 days. Thankfully, he managed to sort everything out with his professors so we’ve just been staying home and I have to say it feels really, really good. It’s been a while since we got some downtime.

I spent the weekend doing some hardcore cleaning and sorting stuff out, and cooked all the time-consuming dishes I didn’t have time for last week. I also decided to give myself a break and started on a new series on Netflix (Wentworth—so addictive!).

On the whole, Gani seems to be doing well. I think he’s almost completely over his fever and some of his blisters look like they’re “ripening” and drying up. Hopefully it all clears up soon though… the poor guy has been spending a lot of time staring sadly at his blistery reflection in the mirror.

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