Happy New Year from Seattle!

I’m not one to do a lot of year-end reflections but I figured this could be a good way to get the ball rolling for me to start writing again. I have missed putting my thoughts into words.

For me, 2015 was a year full of extreme highs and lows. In this one year, I have had so much to celebrate and almost as much to be disappointed about. If there is just one thing I’ve come to truly believe, it is that everything is temporary and in the grand scheme of things, our emotions are merely fleeting—one can never be happy always/forever, nor sad always/forever. Knowing this gives me both comfort and pain.

With that said, I’m curious to know what 2016 will bring. It’s funny how my 25-year-old self in 2012 could never in a million years have foreseen what my life would be like in 2016. I had been so restless back then and so eager to just get out and see more and do more, but I had not expected… all of this.

What I had expected was to complete my degree only this year. I had mentally prepared myself for 2016 to mark the end of this whole American adventure and my return to Singapore. And then, what? I don’t know. I’ve never been great with long-term planning.

What I had not expected:

  • To have graduated (and gotten married) two years ago
  • To have built such genuine friendships along the way
  • To be living in beautiful Seattle
  • To be somewhat-jobless (and to even be kind of OK with it)

But that’s how life rolls, eh?

There are several things I hope to work on this year, relating mostly to photography, travel, health and linguistic skills—yeah, about time I got down to learning some Russian. Time to get cracking!

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